Company profile

Rhema Tidings is a wholly Ghanaian owned company, established in 2010 and registered in 2018 to provide services (especially research and data management) to support the sustainable economic trajectory of Africa. We have offices in Accra and Wa as we seek to be at the doorstep of our client base.

Our Vision

To be the preferred service provider especially in research, data management, human resources and accounting in the sub region.


Our Mission

To provide clients with tailored services suitable for their Business, Private or Social needs.



To assure our customers of the best service possible, we adhere to code of ethics based on four key principles: 

Leadership – We ask, how can we influence your business positively? 

Openness: Excellent business relies on open, unfettered communication between customers and our staff. 

Trust: In everything we do, our customers ‘best interests are always our primary concern. Win-win principle: We don’t succeed unless you succeed – it’s that simple.


Based on our experience in the industry over the years, we appreciate the role an effective and efficient data collection and management service provider plays in the knowledge management of organizations in the global market place.

Our team has the experience, knowledge and focus needed in today’s research industry having worked in various capacities within the sector.

Our offices within Accra and Wa (Northern Ghana) means we are well positioned and conditioned to help businesses & individuals in and around these locations, achieve their short, medium and long-term goals as far as their data needs are concerned.

We provide a unique one-stop service package for both new market entrants, existing organizations and individuals.

Our commitment to quality customer service and experience means we have our customer care agents on hand to provide support and assistance where needed.